Crocheted shawl or throw

 I had a bunch of leftover wool that I had dug up just before I left for my trip to Bangalore in April.
Carried them along with me and one crochet needle.

Here is the jumble.
And this shawl / throw was born.

 Plain double crocheted all through.
I wanted something wide and long enough to cover oneself while sitting or even when lying down.
Something cozy enough to snuggle in.

 A closer look.
 Perfect and just in time when the rains ... read cold, cold weather, in Pune have arrived.


A kurta or a summer dress? Actually both

Finished a long pending dress.
Starting off with a kurta in mind, I made a flared alidon cut so that it can double up as a summer dress when paired with a shrug.

The back neck is boat cut while the front is an open, half round. Not exactly a U cut.
Kept the shoulders narrow ... gives a good fit to the armholes.

Instead of machine stitch, I cut out strips and hemmed them ... gave the neck a neat, solid look.

The cloth is something I had picked up from a khadi shop in Bangalore ages ago.


Flared skirt

 I was being restless for a while ... not being able to sew or knit. The vacation was good but the aftermath was taking its toll.
So, while digging out some old clothes for charity, I found a few things that had been my favourites once upon a time.
Did not have the heart to throw them away. So kept a few.
Two of them were a white angrakha kurta and a patiala salwar.

The fabric was good on both of them.
I especially loved the flare of the white kurta .... so made it into a skirt.

Cut the pink paisley print into wide strips and just added to the bottom to form a contrats as well as a layer. No frills.
Added it to the waist too.

And made a wide draw string that will hang after being knotted. 

 So there is my summer skirt.


Apron from an old curtain

 Pulling on through these difficult days, I try to keep myself busy.
Anything to keep my mind off from the painful memories of loss in my life.

I have taken up two knittings simultaneously.
And yet, my mind wanders.
It was one of those aimless days that I cut up an old curtain and made this apron out of it.
More out of necessity than just to pass idle time.

Used an old, thick plastic bag underneath to make it waterproof.