Knitted Stole with Frilled border

 I knitted this stole for B's Chinese colleague. She is a knitter herself and had very generously gifted me a beautiful printed yarn when we had met in Bangalore early last year.
So this time, on our trip to New York, I had knitted and taken this for her.

She doesn't like bright colours too much ... so I had picked this yarn.
The best thing about it was it was very soft ... like a dream.

 I used the lace design that I have used here ... my all time favourite design.

 Crocheted the border, first increasing the stitches by double and then again by double in the next line. 

 Here is a closer look.

Man's Pullover

 I made this pullover for the husband early last monsoon.
The front is cabled ... which I kept an equal count of 8 + 8. The cable is a count of 4 + 4 stitches.
The back and the sleeves are plain.

Below - keeping track of the length by comparing with another pullover that I had knitted a long time back. 

 Here is another hurried photograph. 


Crocheted shawl or throw

 I had a bunch of leftover wool that I had dug up just before I left for my trip to Bangalore in April.
Carried them along with me and one crochet needle.

Here is the jumble.
And this shawl / throw was born.

 Plain double crocheted all through.
I wanted something wide and long enough to cover oneself while sitting or even when lying down.
Something cozy enough to snuggle in.

 A closer look.
 Perfect and just in time when the rains ... read cold, cold weather, in Pune have arrived.


A kurta or a summer dress? Actually both

Finished a long pending dress.
Starting off with a kurta in mind, I made a flared alidon cut so that it can double up as a summer dress when paired with a shrug.

The back neck is boat cut while the front is an open, half round. Not exactly a U cut.
Kept the shoulders narrow ... gives a good fit to the armholes.

Instead of machine stitch, I cut out strips and hemmed them ... gave the neck a neat, solid look.

The cloth is something I had picked up from a khadi shop in Bangalore ages ago.